Many people think that the police force means security, and that could be true. However, there are instances that the same police force could be the cause of insecurity because of the prevalence of their misconduct. Today, it seems it is becoming more common to see posted videos online about police abusing citizens. What we do not know is that this misconduct and abuses have existed long before the popularity of social media and video cameras. There are a lot of dreadful stories that were left untold probably because of threats and limited awareness of their misbehavior. Of course, we do not want to tolerate this lawlessness among persons who should be taking the lead in enforcing law and order in our community. One way we can do so is by educating ourselves of the police misconduct that is common today. Let us discuss them one by one.

Illegal Searching, Arrests, and Seizures of Person, Properties or Possessions

This is by far the most common misconduct that the law enforcement unit could ever do. This kind of misconduct showcases the abuse of power among police officers thinking they can do whatever they want with the authority that they have. This can be a result of fake stories made up by the police officers themselves because they want to produce some output at the end of the day. Unless they have legal search warrants issued, it is unlawful for any policemen to just arrest, seize or search you or your home.

Planting Evidence

This kind of misconduct goes hand in hand with the first one mentioned. During the illegal searching, policemen might be disappointed or frustrated because they failed to find any trace of illicit activities from the person being searched, so they resort into planting evidence by bringing illegal things inside your home without your knowledge. Then, they will act as if you had it all the time and they will use that to accuse you. This usually happens during illegal drug raids, and when the police could not find any trace of illegal drug possession, they would pretend that they saw some and try to accuse you of it.

Abuse of Power

Even if the first two misconduct mentioned are all a display of abuse of power of the authorities, there is yet another meaning into this kind of misbehavior of the policemen. This abuse refers to the action of a police officer where he uses his position or even his firearms to intimidate citizens or to extort them. This misconduct is purely for personal gain of the police officer so he tries to use force and intimidation so the citizen might give in to his request.

The list could go on and on with all of the police misconduct happening in the world every day. Sadly, many are still innocent of their crimes, so they have fallen victims of this abuse in authority.