History has gotten us a long way from our primitive and obsolete methods in doing things. We are thankful we have seen so much progress in our world today, and that makes us feel secure and safe. One of the progress made is the training that was required for police officers to undergo. With the skills and knowledge they have earned from the training, people have more confidence in them, and they are more trusted to solve crimes around town. But they also need to defend and protect themselves when violent perpetrators try to attack them. Gone are the days when deputy officers are sent out in the field work without adequate training that ends up in damage and even fatalities. How did police defensive tactic training come about? Why do they need them?

How Training Came About

Before, sheriffs are held out responsible for sending their deputies around the county to make sure law and order is observed. Most of the time, criminals are more trained and skilled in handling firearms and manipulating situations because deputy officers come untrained and have no skills at all. However, in the year 1967, the Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice of the Office of the President at that time issued a decree for law enforcement officers to obtain proper training before they should be deployed. It should be adequate training requiring candidates to undergo 400 hours of classroom and actual field instructions. After that, they are given one year and a half to undergo a probationary period.  They are taught how they can be professional in their fieldwork and how they can treat citizens respectfully. They will also be equipped with skills in problem-solving to help them assess situations and find solutions for them.

Why there is Training

We can never imagine a world now where police officers are unskilled and untrained. Just how doctors have undergone intensive training and practice exams to make sure they are experts in their field work, so should be in the line of work of each law enforcement officer. How well they function on their job is very much identified on how much training they have gotten.

The police defensive tactics training is given to educate and equip police officers when they arrive at the crime scene or when they are responding to them. The tactics will help them execute proper techniques on how to handle and restrain perpetrators without causing too much damage to anyone. In this kind of training, the officers are trained to handle weapons, grab and hold suspects, and even how to effectively negotiate before using any force. Police defensive tactic training might include some forms of martial arts and hundreds of hours of firearm simulation training.

It is inevitable that officers will find themselves in violent encounters with their suspects. With extensive training, they come better equipped, and it could even teach them how to treat all sorts of people with dignity and respect, even criminals. Also, they can ensure their safety. After all, how can they help us if they are injured in the first place? Hence, we should be grateful that law enforcement officers are well trained now to handle crimes effectively.